About eUIBE

The School of Distance Education of the University of International Business and Economics (euibe) was founded in March 2002 after China's accession to the WTO with the approval from the Ministry of Education. It is both a functional department and a teaching entity directly under the leadership of the university. It manages the on-line education of the university at the associate degree, bachelor's degree and graduate levels.


Backed up by the university's characteristics of internationalization and being the best in international business and economicsacross our country, the school aims at high quality, perfection, and uniqueness and covers the associate degree,

bachelor's degree and graduate levels. It serves the vast majority of citizens who wish to pursue in-service education. Through the distance education centers established in many parts of the country, it covers the whole country and is internationally oriented. The school has developed a good brand in the virtual world and built an on-line institution for students to acquire real knowledge. Its aim is to cultivate knowledge seekers in a learning society, modern men and women in the Internet era, initiative takers who transcend time and space, and internationalists in economy and trade.

Its technological support is provided by China Human Capital Management Co. Ltd., with a platform of advanced world level in quality and functions. It provides broad space for the school to realize bilingual education, case approach, interactive teaching, and the 7+1 mode of teaching and learning (on-line learning, on-line questions and answers, independent study aided by CDs, study guide materials, on-line exercises, an appropriate amount of face-to-face teaching, centralized exams, and extracurricular activities). To suit the needs of learners coming from different regions, of different economic status and having different study habits, the school offers two modes of teaching and learning, namely Type A that is network intensive, and Type B that is guidance intensive.


The school enrolls students from all over China through its distance education centers. At present, it offers programs in 11 disciplines of study: international trade, finance, law, logistics,business English, accounting, business managementpublic administration,insurance, information management and systems (computer application specialty), and public administration (customs administration specialty), covering the associate degree and bachelor's degree programs for high school graduates and bachelor's degree programs for associate degree holders. It will offer graduate courses when the conditions are ripe. It also offers various non-degree training courses and admits international students.


The school adopts the credit system, requiring 80+4 credits for the associate degree programs for high school graduates and the same for bachelor's degree programs for associate degree holders. The standard schooling period is 3 years; and the flexible lenght is 2.5 - 5 years. Students who have obtained the necessary credits within the prescribed time (Associate degree candidates also need to write a practice report, and bachelors degree candidates also need to pass national exams for a number of selected courses and meet the graduation dissertation requirements) will be issued a graduate certificate from the University of International Business and Economics, with the annotation of Distance Education, which is recognized by the State. Those who meet all the requirements for a degree will be issued a degree certificate.


Our school was rated as one of The Top Ten On-line Educational Institutions for three consecutive years of 2003, 2004, and 2005 by the biggest gateway websites in China including sina, zexiao and sohu as well as China Computer Education Newspaper. In 2008, 2009 and 2010, seven courses developed by our school were rated national quality courses. They were An Introduction to WTO, Business English Writing, Business English, Marketing Principles, Corporate Finance, International Trade, and An Introduction to Cross-cultural Communication. This puts UIBE in the first echelon among the 69 pilot universities. In the recognition activities during the 10th anniversary celebration for national distance education held in 2009, our school won five prizes including the gold award for the development of online teaching materials, the silver award for organizing the development of national quality courses (online education), the silver award for the promotion of excellent online courses, the prize for excellent essays and the award for outstanding contribution to distance education. Our university was one of those which won the largest number of awards among the 69 pilot universities.


Today, EUIBE has grasped the future of education. We have assembled UIBE’s knowledge accumulation in the last 60 years. By utilizing modern IT technology, the torch of integrating classical and frontier contents of international business and economics will definitely be passed on. We will continue to improve the education quality, put the scientific outlook on development into practice, and adhere to the ideas of innovation, effectiveness and forward-looking. We will put people first, emphasize the learning experience, and enthusiastically engage in distance education practice. We firmly believe in the future of distance education.