I.Is the graduate certificate recognized by the state?
Our university is one of the distance education experimental universities approved by National Ministry of Education. Higher education academic certificate is issued in accordance with the relevant state provisions. After registration on-line, it is recognized by state. You can visit the website www.chsi.com.cn to inquiry.

II.How many times does your school enroll every year?
Full year, spring and autumn for registration.

III. Is there an entrance exam? And testing counseling?
Yes,applicants must take part in the exam, you can choose between written examination and computer test. The centers will decide whether there is testing counseling, you can make a simulated exam on-line.

IV. What’s the advantage for pre-registration on-line?
It can raise the accuracy of the personal information, help the applications to experience study on-line earlier.

V. What is the entry score? And how to know the result?
The entry exam emphasizes measuring the proficiency. We will admit the best candidates. You can find the result on our Website or mobile phone net. Students must register and pay your tuitions on time at the corresponding centers with your on-line notice or the letter of admission.

VI. If the number of guidance intensive(Type B)students is less than 30,what will we do?
when the number is less than 30,we will not make trainings in principle.

VII. If we cannot register and pay on time due to special circumstances,what shall we do?
You should account for absence to the teacher beforehand at the corresponding center. But those who are one month overdue will be disqualified.

VIII. What are the “80+4” credits?
80 credits refer to the credits of the courses,and 4 credits are for the graduation dissertation(practice report). The course credits include two parts:one is 68 credits for the required and elective courses,about 4—6 credits/course;the other is 12 credits for the on-line lectures made by famous teachers,2 credits for one.

IX. How is the course grades formed?
The grades of Type A courses are a combination of performance in class(thirty percent)and final exam scores(seventy percent).
The grades of Type B courses are a combination of performance in class(thirty percent), tutoring results(thirty percent), and final exam scores(forty percent).
The performance in class include registration,exercises, attendance and on-line Q﹠A,etc.(For more information,review the Grade Management Methods)


X. What are the unified national exams that we have to take?
Students must pass the unified national exams for a number of selected courses. They can take them many times a year. Those who cannot pass them before the end of schooling period will not be permitted graduation. Those courses are College English,Computer Foundation and College Chinese(For more, please review the detailed rules on unified exams for undergraduate level.)For your convenience,our school Website includes a unified exam page.


XI. What is on-line registration?
It is an indispensable process and important way to strengthen supervision,crack down on fakes,maintain the dignity of certificates. It is made by the Ministry of Education using the electronic information. Students must submit the photograph,certificate and other related information.


XII. How to prepare for the course exam?
The main methods and ways:
The first:conscientiously persisting in uninterrupted study;
The second:focusing on the web-based courseware;
The third:actively participating in the Q﹠A and the coaching at the end of the term.