International Trade

  • As a National Key Discipline of China, it is awarded the “Flagship Program” of UIBE.


  • As a National Key Discipline of China, it is well-known for the “case study” method. Courses such as International Business Law and Economic Law are popular throughout China.


  • As a preponderant discipline in China’s financial system, it is hailed as the “cradle” of China’s financiers of the new generation.

Business English

  • As the leading discipline of China, this discipline and International Trade form the two wings, i.e. foreign languages plus foreign trade of UIBE.


  • Three aspects in dual sides including theory and practice, management and operation, and international and domestic practices are given equal importance in this discipline.

Business Administration

  • Students in this major has won many world champions in multiple global enterprise contests in recent years.

Administrative Management

  • As a domestic market-based and international-oriented classical discipline, it has been the star of public administration in UIBE since China’s accession to the WTO.

Administrative Management

Customs Administration

  • This branch of Administrative Management, with recognized leading force in China Customs, is designed to cultivate talents in customs administration.


  • This discipline is designed to cultivate high-caliber application-oriented talents for institutions such as Chinese and foreign insurance institutions, financial institutions, social security sectors, and corporate financing and risk management departments.

Information Management and Information System

Computer Application Specialty

  • This discipline aims at cultivating application-oriented talents in information management and information systems.

Logistics Management

  • Graduates of this major will take on jobs in areas such as international trade, Sino-foreign joint venture and cooperation.


  • This discipline is designed to cultivate skilled talents in modern service industry such as international e-commerce planning, system design and technical management.